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From: vamabahu@gmail.com Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2012 13:51:30 +0600 Subject: Re: [Tamil_Araichchi] Fw: The current plight of the Keappapulavu displaced people On 22 Sep We all went to Mulative and demonstrated against land grabbing by Mahinda regime. They showed their anger by attacking us. now they have taken the revenge by forcibly shifting to near by places without any amenities. Not only the regime has robbed the developed land of Keappapulavu displaced people , latter has been forced into marginal land around so that they will eternally suffer looking at the land lost. US , INDIA AND OTHERS WHO SUPPORTED THE WAR OF THIS EVIL REGIME ARE EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CRUELTY TO HUMANS, BAHU Your Excellency / Sir / Madam, THE PRESENT PLIGHT OF THE KEAPPAPULAVU DISPLACED PEOPLE Since my previous email regarding the military forcing and threatening the inmates of Keappapulavu, residing at menik Farm to relocate to new places, and them voicing their intent to forcibly evict the inmates from Menik Farm, this email wishes to bring you up to date on the plight of the villagers. On Sunday the 23rd of September the military again insisted that all the Keappapulavu inmates in Menik Farm leave on Monday the 24th to military designated areas for relocation. When the inmates had resisted again, the military had made it clear that all the assistance that had been provided to them will be withdrawn. Thereafter the buildings that housed the Menik Farm administration were dismantled along with the fences etc.. Since life in Menik Farm would not be sustainable without assistance that was being provided by the state, the inmates were forced to pack their belongings into the lorries, and thereafter, on Monday the 24th September, everyone was transported to schools in Vattrapolai. The inmates reached Vattrapolai at around 6pm. However, the military refused to allow them to unpack their belongings from the lorries. Subsequently, on Tuesday the 25th September morning, the Keappapulavu inmates were informed that they will not be able to return to Keappapulavu and that alternate land had been identified for the time being in a place called Seeniamoddai East. When the villagers had strongly resisted to being settled in any place other than Keappapulavu, the military had ordered that the lorries containing all the belongings be driven to the new site and unloaded. As the lorries contained all the belongings these villagers owned, they feared that if they didn't follow the lorries to the new site, their belonging would be lost for good, hence they reluctantly moved to the new settlement in Seeniamoddai East. The new settlement has jungle on three sides with the military occupying the fourth side that links the the settlement to rest of the world. There is no water facilities. Nor is there any basic infrastructure. The people have been merely dumped in a jungle clearing and are expected to manage. Today, the General Secretary of the Tamil National People's Front (TNPF), Mr. Selverajah Kajendren visited the new site in Seeniamoddai East. He managed to take a few photographs which have been attached to this email for your information and consideration. In these circumstances we appeal to you to intervene in this matter to ensure that the Keappapulavu villagers are provided with all the necessary basic facilities to sustain life in Seeniamoddai East. Further, we strongly urge that you intervene to ensure that these people are returned to their own lands in Keappapulavu at earliest. Yours truly, Gajendrakumar G. Ponnambalam Formerly Member of Parliament for the Jaffna District (2001-2010) President, Tamil National People's Front General Secretary, All Ceylon Tamil Congress

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